BLM Laminat Tüp Üretim Makinesi

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BLM Laminat Tüp Üretim Makinesi


The Technology
Combitool Solutions’ BLM Body Maker allows easy integration in every flexible tube production environment. It forms laminates into bodies required for high quality tube production.

The main advantage of this system is the flexible operation allowing use of almost any type of laminate. This results in the highest level of quality and reliability. Changing the type of laminate typically does not require changing size parts. The compact design allows reel change during operation and direct integration to the header without buffer.

Easy around-the-clock operation, low maintenance, long term investment protection and perfect body production are the main arguments for this efficient laminate body maker.

Your Benefits

Seaming of PBL and ABL laminate 
Minimal set-up time for size part exchange
Simple maintenance
High level of overall efficiency
Attractive cost/benefit ratio
High quality Swiss engineering
Worldwide customer service

Technical Data

Body diameter 16 - 50 mm  
Body length from 50 mm  
Speed up to 160 bodies/min  
up to 30 m/min (ABL)  
up to 22 m/min (PBL)  
Body diameter 13.5 - 16 mm / 50 - 60 mm possible with special size parts