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Önceki Sayfa


Railway Structure

 Thanks to its consolidated experience in the transport sector and its       technical expertise, CMC Rail offers the possibility to develop and     optimize   complex metal structures through the choice of materials and     assembly systems. 



Clima Processor Server HVAC

 CMC Rail intends to implement the Clima Processor distribution network     in Italy and abroad. We are looking for Partners and distributors for Clima   Processor products, our precision air conditioning systems:
 -Qualified partners to plan, install and provide after sale support at the   customers' premises.
 -General Contractors for industrial systems and communication/data centers interested in Close Control Clima Processor modular, customizable and reliable systems.
- Engineering/consulting companies looking for technologically advanced precision air conditioning solutions with low environmental impact and management costs.

Air Conditioning for Parked Airplanes

 A complete range of state of the art low environmental impact system for     all the sizes of aircraft and telescopic boarding brigdes. 




Cooling Systems for Shelters and Containers

 Cooling systems designed for extreme environmental conditiona and mobile installations.