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Technology and products providing safe and comfortable environments indispensable for everyday life

Nissha FIS is a group of experts in the field of developing and manufacturing gas sensors.

We have continued in our mission to "provide people with comfortable and safe lifestyles" ever since our establishment in 1992 to develop gas sensors and application equipment using sensors that demand high levels of sensitivity, durability, reability and low electric power, as well as the development of software that is effective in exploiting the true worth of these products.




Business Development 

Nissha FIS sensors are mounted onto various products covering a wide range of fields. We are also able to develop products that match up with customer requirements, extends applied circuits, and provide support for flexible application software. In addition to out products being used in various appliances that are familiar in our everyday lives, such as gas alarms for preventing carbon monoxide poisoning and gas explosions, air purifiers and air - conditioners, they can also be increasingly found in hydrogen sensors for fuel-cell vehicles and in medical environments.


Nissha FIS continues to bring out new sensors based on concepts that break general conventions by being companct and having low power consumption and extended lifespans.

We are also making headway in the development of application equipment, and have developed products targeting the field of the environment, such as a completed product that can measure ultra-low concentration gas down to a levels of several ppbs white at the same time being compact, lightweight and inexpensive, and products targeting the field of health care, such as halitosis measuring instruments.