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Pet Preform Enjeksiyonu

P48-75SR and P72-85SR PET preform injection molding system are designed & manufactured by Kronce, with Single Station PET preform take-out robot and post cooling, 12 seconds cycle time, provide the alternative solution for the PET preform production based on Kronce K-PET three station robot Pet preform system, complete Kronce's PET Preform system solution in the 10.000pph to 20.000pph output filed and better for your selection.

-Single barrel and screw injection unit

-Double servo motor as driven source

-Single station Pet preform take-out robot and post cooling station

-Synchro actions, shorter the cycle time 60% than the common PET preform injection molding machine in the market.

-Larger plasticization capacity 50% than others, reduce the plasiczation time 40% based on the excellend plasticization result.