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Guangzhou Rego Packing Industry Co., Ltd. is one of the largest laminated tube and laminated web manufacturers in China which was established in 2004. Since the very beginning of its establishment, Rego has set up its ambitious target to become a world class manufacturer of laminated tube and laminated web. With this missions in mind, Regoers have been bringing the company to a higher stage every three years with ten years of hard work and innovation. With it’s rapid development, Rego has grown up from an unknown company into a professional laminated tube and laminated web manufacturer that is highly recognized by customers, peer companies and the industry. Nowadays Rego is on top three of the laminated tube and laminated web manufacturers in China!

Rego keeps forging ahead despite of the universal recognition of the domestic customers and the industry. Since the establishment of the international trade department in 2008, the company has rapidly extended its business to the overseas market. At present, the company's business has covered Europe, America, Australia, Southeast Asia, Korea, and Japan. Some of the global packaging material traders, such as LiFung, Medline has established a long-term and stable strategic partnership with Rego. The company has built a new headquarters factory in 2012, it was fully put in operation in September of the same year.

Rego has 13 self-develope high-speed laminated tubes production lines, 3 Swiss-made PSG (KMK) automatic tube production lines and 4 Swiss-made AISA automatic tube production lines. The annual production capacity of various types of laminated tubes is up to 1.3 billion pieces. Rego's laminated tubes & laminated web has been widely used in oral care, cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other fields. It was praised by many domestic and foreign enterprises and industrial associations.

Within the 10 years after Rego's establishment, we always insist to our core values of caring, commitment, progress, innovation and teamwork and We enjoy very good cooperation relationships with Liang mian zhen, Maxon, Fangcao, Infinitus, Laf, LF Group and Medline Group, etc which contributing Rego a stable high-quality customers base. Rego will continue to expand and pursue and constantly strive to become a world-class laminated tube and laminated web supplier!