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Sensata Teknolojileri

AGRICULTURE VEHICLES & CONSTRUCTION – 50 or more sensors, switches and operator controls



AUTOMOBILES & TRUCKS – Up to 50 sensors and controls



COMMERCIAL JETS – Up to 1,500 circuit breakers and switches



HOMES – 30 or more sensors, switches and other safety devices



LARGE HVAC SYSTEMS – Dozens of sensors and switches



MOBILE PHONE SYSTEMS – 300 or more circuit breakers, sensors and switches



ON-ROAD COMMERCIAL VEHICLES – 50 or more sensors



PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEMS – 1 to 4 high voltage switches and fuses



RV’S & LARGE BOATS – Up to 60 power inverters, sensors and protection devices



Overall, we have two main global business units (Performance Sensing and Sensing Solutions) and worldwide global operations supported by business and product development centers and sales offices.

Sensata’s Performance Sensing business is a market leader in Heavy Vehicle & Off

The Performance Sensing Business


Road (HVOR) and automotive markets.

Unit designs and manufactures,



among others:


Our products include a full line of pressure sensors for cars, trucks and heavy

• Acceleration sensors


off-road vehicles. They can be used for everything from improving performance and

• Transmission range sensors


safety to helping the environment by reducing emissions. Our sensors and switches

• Occupant classification sensors


detect pressure, temperature, air flow, gas, humidity, speed, position and provide

• Pressure sensors


on/off controls used in automotive and heavy duty applications.

• Joysticks and rockers


HVOR - Sensata is committed to the global market for Agriculture and

• Integrated armrests


• Gas sensors


Construction vehicles and equipment. In addition we have been serving the global

• Magnetic speed and position


Truck market for many years. The conditions under which HVOR equipment must



operate are often extreme. We are proud to call many of the world’s leading HVOR

• Temperature sensors


equipment manufacturers as long-standing clients. Our pressure and temperature



sensors help control emissions and improve performance, our range of operator



controls provides ergonomic man-machine interfaces in some of the most



challenging off-road applications.



AUTOMOTIVE - Sensata has been the world leader in automotive pressure



sensing since 2002. In vehicles, our components are found in air conditioning



systems, power steering systems, engines, fuel emission and braking and



suspension systems. A pressure switch manifold made by this business senses



hydraulic pressure in automatic transmissions while our occupant classification



sensors help keep airbags operating safely so they can do the job they’re meant to do.





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