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Smart Termostat

Did you know that a thermostat manages 50% of the energy consumed in a home? Therefore, momit works every day in the search of new technology for you to receive economic benefits and environmental innovations so we all win.

Imagine a device that recognizes when users are home or away, learning from their daily routine and habits to achieve energy savings up to 30%.

It is momit Smart Thermostat which allows access to all functions and remote control from anywhere via a smart phone, tablet or PC, thanks to the momit App.

It learns from the habits and daily routine. Thanks to the geolocation system, it allows you to set the thermostat based on the user´s location, turning o when the user is away from home and turning on the heating system when he/she returns to it. Using Ambient temperature to changes in light intensity (for example, night periods) is regulated. In addition, momit Smart Thermostat is a WiFi device that connects directly to the network from home. The touch LCD screen is versatile and easy to use, with 6 dierent designs to display on the home screen.

Features and modes

 Weather Forecast: Predicts
 weather Forecast up to 7 days
 momit APP.
 Heat control: Control the
 temperature of your home,
 from the thermostat or mobile
 Geolocation: Automatically
 adjusts home temperature
 depending the user's location
 Presence: Detects presence
 through a motion sensor
 Touchscreen: Adjust the
 temperature through a
 touchscreen display
 WiFi: Automatically connects
 to the main wireless network in
 your home
 Temperature and Humidity:
 Monitors and records statistics
 on temperature and humidity
 Ambient: Regulates the
 temperature according to the
 amount of light detected
 LED display.
 Free application for
 remote control of
 the device.
 Learns the preferences
 and consumption
 habits of the user.
 Temperature can be
 programmed for up
 to 15 parts of the day
 and for holidays.
 6 dierent designs to
 choose from for the
 home screen.
 Calculates the average
 time it takes each
 household to achieve its
 optimal temperature.
 230V 50Hz 0.15A 3W 
 WiFi: IEEE 802.11b / g
 Capacitive touchscreen
 Temperature sensor humidity,
 light and presence
 Maximum power:
 5A (resistive load)
 2A (inductive load cos Phi
 Maximum power 1150W
 94x94x32 mm
 Weight: 225gr