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Önceki Sayfa


Brief Introduction 

Smargon Plastic Machinery, focus on the design & manufacture for high speed PET preform injection molding system, high speed linear PET bottle blow molding system and high quality preform mold/closure mold/plastic mold, devote ourselves to be one solution machineries provider for our customer.

Whatever platform strategy, technology and innovative solution, SMARGON PET preform systems, PET bottle system and Mold bring to you optimal combination possibilities for highly efficient and lasting PET production, offer you the right solution as you need.


Company Overwiev

The PET market has experienced a very rapid development in the past over 10years. To keep in step with the growing market PET, Smargon Plastic has steadily expanded PET preform  production system range and drawn from years of experience in this special field, KRONCE, a subsidiary company specially focus on the PET preform & bottle production system belong to Smargon Plastic Group is the result from the goal.

Whatever you are coming from PET preform production filed or PET bottle production filed, SMARGON link core process know-how with innovative engineering to deliver specialized and  integrated complete solution. SMARGON will be your ideal & first partner to work together and do our best to shining your road to success.

SMARGON design & manufacture PET preform injection molding machine, linear type PET bottle stretch-blow molding machine, hot runner PET preform injection mold, hot runner plastic  closure mold and PET preform take-out robot.






Comporate Culture

"SMARGON, shining your road to success", the way SMARGON to develop is characterized by competence, ambition and integrity. All three ensure that we create value by fulfilling our  commitments to our customers, our employees and the communities and societies in which we operate, acting in accordance with sound corporate values.

We have purposefully chosen a strong slogan to clearly expresses our forward-looking approach in PET preform injection & PET stretch-blow molding & Various mold construction, based  on our technological expertise & perfect products.

SMARGON’s aim is always to offer you greater added value across your value chain, our products for PET preform & bottle & closure provides the perfect illustration of how we can be the  first partner of our customer on their way to develop to success with our strong and innovative performance, distinctive production benefits with regard to energy efficiency, accessibility and  reliable performance.